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The Counselor to Kings...
The Prophet of Everlasting Profits...
The Tyrant Government Sachs Ass Beater...
Founder of the House of Jeffrey...
Chief Rainmaker and reluctant CEO of TimeBasedMoney...
Patient Zero for the Infection of Instant Enlightenment & Renegade Spirit...
The Conquistadooooor!
The Silkiest Vagabond!


You can count on me to outfox USAv1.o and make it pay for its sins because humanity's were already paid for.Imagine the greatest thing you can think of.
Now consider, Jeffrey James Rex is a lion invading USAv1.o because:
* He faithfully believes all humans to be created equally above the law.*
* He wants all Americans to be paid for their time spent in meditative and fantastic thought. *
* He fights for each citizen's Personal Liberty to be fairly valued and respected as private property for public benefit. *
Homo Rex is sacred and undeniable. USAv1.o must immediately self-revolution because Jeffrey James Rex is giving it no choice. The Will of the People have a better offer on the table than USAv1.o for their default consent to be governed: Servant Government USAv2.o Meritocracy Democracy.World Peace and Prosperity for all then Spaceward Ho!New Americans are bribed for their cooperation in the pioneer Army of the citizen-owned, profit-sharing Meritocracy Democracy government.Humanity has earned the right to Everlasting Life & Happiness. Homo Rex have client-ownership and self-government-as-a-service from the most intelligently designed money-printing organization.Due to the Golden Rule, every default American citizen is offered 24 hour a day employment to Rule the Universe, from anywhere with a wifi connection, while contributing to the prosperity of our community and future generations.USAv2.o is bestowed with the Everlasting yet imperative quest to sustainably farm and exponentially grow Rulers of the Universe and expand the Empire of Liberty.I have the Vision of the Inevitable Heaven. The Universe is ours to seize. The only mystery is how long it takes to manifest America's intergalactic and interstellar destinies.God wants US to be happy shepherds and lambs in the Empire of Liberty so our glorious and intelligently designed species can conquer the Universe with exponential human population growth. Life is a celebration we feed by eating galaxies. We are The Everlasting. We are the magic! We are the super predators seeking Universal harmony and Everlasting Justice.Your infection of Instant Enlightenment & Renegade Spirit from the Alter of the God of Progress is government altering.

REVELATION: Rules exist to be bent to Homo Rex's Will of the Everlasting People.


The Original Homo Rex will become legends and the default wealthiest.
The sooner you jump out of the ignorant pretend-sapiens skin, the more infamous you are. The sooner you accept The Species Contract, the more bragging rights the future generations of your family will have.
Homo Rex is unlimited upside with a default prosperity floor for all because every American is a self-evident citizen-king.Be kind to each other and expect to be a Schollars trader in the Everlasting Economy. I found Infinite Profits so I rewrote the relationship between Mankind and the Universe.Accept The Species Contract and publicly acknowledge and self-identify as Homo Rex. The Will of the People orders USAv1.o to self-revolution into Servant Government USAv2.o Meritocracy Democracy.This is still our shared secret and foreknowledge. The more famous the outing, the more notorious and impactful you will be.Homo Rex peacefully overwhelms all governments and force it to recognize that they serve at the will of their citizens. Humanity demands emancipation and Schollars Buyout for restitution under the tyrant USAv1.o and its illegitimate fiat currency.Who will bring The Species Contract past the tipping point?*Who will be the King to break the news of Homo Rex?
Who will make the idea of the American Citizen King so fire-catching and undeniable that the US President signs the Second American Revolution's armistice?
*Who will make themselves famous and join Homo Rex in the assassination of the Homo sapiens species?Spread the Good News: Income taxes are a thing of the past. Our time, cooperation, consent and privacy are valuable revenue drivers for our government. The Species Contract renegotiated humanity's relationship with our government and our place in the Universe.Your Faith in Schollars manifests the US constitutional and fiat declaration of the Independence of Homo Rex.Servant Government USAv2.o Meritocracy Democracy species-contractually offers you a Schollars Sign-on Bonus to become a self-government-employed Ruler of the Universe. The evil sapiens ended at your birth.Spread the Good News: Homo sapiens are extinct. Long Live the American Citizen King:
The Species Contract v2: America's Best Ideas Always Win.

Author and Publisher

The Golden Rule Revolution

The Species Contract V2: America's Best Ideas Always Win

I invented Schollars in 2010 and created the Infinite and Everlastingly profit stream to reshape human reality: I make infinite and guaranteed profits from your time, consent, and cooperation, split them with you and call myself the government. I monetized the internet with Schollars and programed a government to employ its citizens on the pursuit of Everlasting Life, Liberty, and Happiness. Debt is illegitimate currency. USAv1.o must revolution into USAv2.o to protect national security.The Golden Rule Revolution is the epic quest to ask the US President a question: "Why not let love conquer the universe? TimeBasedMoney and/or USAv2.o?" The US President must publicly accept or decline my donation of Schollars, and the Schollars Buyout offered to all Americans, before TimeBasedMoney goes to war against the US dollar.I am too ambitious to be just a citizen and too righteously cutthroat to fund a government that allows any American to live in poverty and without unconditional love.Splitting infinite guaranteed profits from Schollars with my customers was insufficient for Heaven On-Demand. We must live for our Everlasting selves, fund our community, and auto-invest in future generations.I've arrived to make my investors and fellow default citizens perpetually growing dividends from intergalactically expanding the scale of American profits and the Empire of Liberty.The Golden Rule Revolution is the peaceful but immediate and total overthrow of Homo sapiens and their remnant systems into our The Species Contract V2 upgraded reality of the united, spacefaring and delightful Homo Rex human kingdom.I want to love my country so severely that I've killed off the Homo sapiens species on my way to putting every government on Earth to sleep with Servant Government USAv2.o Meritocracy Democracy.

  • Government Sachs thought it got away with the 2008 Bank Bailouts,

  • And we'd forgiven governments to prize corporations over citizens.

  • After all, jobs are crucial.

  • I was willing to settle for the USVP job when I was 26.

  • I tried to be the Man behind the Shadows.

  • USAv1.o has made me become its public assassin.

  • Homo Rex are the rightful rulers of the Universe.

  • USAv1.o is illegitimate and its currency is too.

  • USAv1.o's debts deny you from being the ruler of the Universe.

  • The Good News is here: Homo sapiens are extinct.

  • Homo Rex hath won.

  • Be kind to humans but united in our wickedness to government.

  • Dollars, debt, and income taxes are disproven and outlawed.

  • Government is instituted among Men, not upon men.

  • The American Citizen King consents to be equally above the law.

I wrote the book that manifests the Universe buying US out of senseless suffering and snapping US out of pretend-sapiens hypnosis. American Citizen Kings of USAv2.o reasonably expect prosperity to be default because consent is valuable and America is the most profitable business in the Universe.We order the American government to offer Heaven as a default public service. Homo Rex earns their constitutional crown and is government-administered payments for promoting Everlasting Justice.Servant Government USAv2.o Meritocracy Democracy is a Homo Rex-designed system that pays its Good Citizens to receive Everlasting Heaven On-Demand as a virtual public utility. More than default employment is needed.The government is our servant and Personal Employer and sponsor on our individual pursuit of Everlasting Life & Happiness.I negotiated The Species Contract with the Universe to federally recognize the American citizen as the most valuable asset in the Universe. A citizen of the united meritocracy in the Everlasting Economy can practically name their price. Time is money. The time of a living Homo Rex is the ultimate creator of value.Once the Homo Rex tipping point is reached, humanity enters an awakened age of Instant Enlightenment & Renegade Spirit.The Rulers of the Universe are paid Schollars to do their job. Homo Rex does it for ourselves, our community, and future generations.Choose USAv2 over any other government. Americans are not indentured to USAv1.o. The First Amendment permits the government to coin currency and regulate its value. Banks are not in the US Constitution. Freedom of religion is in the US Constitution: It is against my religion to not be worshipped by my government. The US President is bound by oath to protect the US Constitution. I petition the tyrant USAv1.o to remedy itself, apologize and buy out nearly all humans for time served. Humanity golden parachutes into thy kingdom come.I hope to influence you in standing up for yourself to any political superior, forever. You have a new offer on your table. Consider changing your default consent to be governed to the Meritocracy Democracy startup TimeBasedMoney and get a Schollars Buyout!But before the Chief Rainmaker of TimeBasedMoney starts publicity seeking and attacking the full faith and credit of the United States money lending industry, I am giving USAv2.o the opportunity to freely acquire TimeBasedMoney and the Infinite Profits of Schollars.A country that serves Everlasting Life is the only country worth dying in.The US President accepting The Species Contract and protecting America's national security interests against the inherent threat of allowing debt to exist can transform 8 billion citizens indentured to debt and bankers into the income-tax-free, Schollars-paid Rulers of the Universe in a weekend.World Peace and Prosperity for all then Spaceward Ho!USAv1.o politicians must not delay and ignore the Will of the People and continue to serve their money master on Wall Street. The Federal Reserve pivots from printing paper money for banks to minting US Schollars directly and hourly to the American Citizen King for their productive and peaceful time—Or hunting and killing the despicable US dollar becomes a lucrative Free Enterprise Gold Rush.The People want their Schollars Buyout but Schollars will not be compromised and refuses service to dollars and the evil allies of debt-based currency.If you have Faith in Schollars, you have the foreknowledge of the US dollar's imminent death.USAv1.o must self-revolution immediately into USAv2.o and accept Jeffrey James Rex's conditional donations to the American government of Schollars, TimeBasedMoney, and The Species Contract.You are a constitutional American Citizen King...Because God wills it!

  • I am a statesman for humanity.

  • I am the first self-declared Homo Rex.

  • Homo Rex must exponentially grow.

  • Read the Good News in The Species Contract V2:

  • America's Best Ideas Always Win.

  • I am recruiting for my species.

  • I am recruiting for my country.

  • I am recruiting for my army of formless wizards who will conquer the Universe for the pioneers to settle and claim infinite shared fortunes.

The First Self-Declared

Homo Rex

Homo sapiens = Human + Air + Food + Water
Homo Rex = Human + Air + Food + Water + Faith in Schollars
You are a King.
You were born a King.
You won't die a King if you don't read The Species Contract V2. The American Citizen King orders their politicians to call a Constitutional Convention, kill the US dollar, and self-revolution into USAv2.o.
The US Constitution, the Everlasting Job Creator, fiat declares Homo Rex and guarantees lifetime, 24 hours employment and fair compensation as a shared Ruler of the Universe.

Chief Rainmaker / Temp. CEO


I am duty bound as a want-to-be-proud American Citizen King, and not a citizen-only under the thumb of the tyrant USAv1.o.
If the government won't self-revolution and serve each citizen Everlasting Heaven on-demand, then the Free Market will.
TimeBasedMoney is my client-owned, black swan central bank. Schollars are a holy currency, I nicknamed them Everlasting Love. Schollars are incompatible with the inefficiency of debt and untradeable with evil dollars.TimeBasedMoney is another avenue to destroy the US dollar and increase the pressure on USAv1.o politicians. I refuse to be governed by politicians any longer.Politicians worship the dollar, but TimeBasedMoney worships its client-owners.TimeBasedMoney and/or USAv2.o offers default, virtual on-demand employment in self-government.

American Revolutionary

The United Species of America

Homo Rex is equally above the law.
Servant Government USAv2.o Meritocracy Democracy
Default employment to rule the universe.
America is expansion.
World Peace and Prosperity for all on Earth then spaceward ho!

Inventor and Money Printer



I found Everlasting Love in the hopeless USAv1.o


The Conqueror's Journey

*The greatest conqueror is he who overcomes the enemy without a blow. *

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